GIS Examples

This is a snapshot from a GIS I have been contracted to develop for an ongoing mitigation project on the Bath Nature Preserve (Summit County, Ohio). Plots and transects were established in consultation with OhioEPA and I developed a geodatabase and working environment for data stewardship that can be easily transformed into reports or analyzed to assess and revise management practices.


I generated this bathymetric surface from field measurements of surface water depth at an emergent marsh at Liberty Metropark. The kriged surface helped me to identify sites with distinctly different hydrologic regimes for experimental manipulation.


projected wetland dist
In addition to extensive field work including plot-level remote-sensing, I developed a model that leveraged artificial neural networks to forecast wetland distribution and flood risk for the Midwestern US. The large outline on the left represents wetland area for the midwest by broad classification in the USFWS National Wetland Inventory (NWI). The smaller inset represents model predictions for the year 2100 based upon climate projections from the Worldclim Database. Areas in blue indicate forecasted increases in flooding frequency/intensity and red areas represent decreases for the year 2100.

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