My teaching career comprises over a decade of instruction and course design, involving over 1000 students (647 in an Assistant Professor role) in small-enrollment courses in the biological and environmental sciences, many of which include field-based laboratory components.  I have designed/delivered courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs and mentored student research at all levels.

My topical expertise is in field ecology, research design, and botanical classification with an emphasis in grassland and wetland ecosystems.  My complete teaching portfolio is available upon request.


BIOL358: Field Techniques in Wetlands


I teach a 5-week course at the Au Sable Institute Michigan Campus in Wetland Delineation and Wetland Ecology (June-July).  The course was approved in 2019 by the Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program to satisfy CEU requirements for students pursuing certification as Professional Wetland Scientists or Wetland Professionals in Training.

ENVS 5200: Conducting Science/2/26


I designed a graduate-level course in the design, implementation, and publication of scientific research as part of the Environmental Science MSc program at Thompson Rivers University.  The course introduced elements of scientific writing, experimental design, statistical software and approaches, and grant proposal preparation.  Detailed Syllabus and course materials are available at

At Covenant College

Course/Sections/Total # Students
 NSC109: Concepts in Environmental Biology /7/151
 BIO261: Ecology/6/106
 COR100: Christian Mind /5/75
 BIO219: Nutrition/3/65
 BIO490: Biology Seminar /5/47
 BIO112: General Biology II (Lab)/2/42
 BIO321: Comparative Animal Physiology/3/31
 ENVS 5200: Conducting Science /2/26
 BIO324: Biology of Invertebrates/6/16
 BIO113: The Language of Nature (Animal Communication)/2/14
 BIO335: Field Botany/3/13
 BIO389: Research Methods/4/11
 BIO390: Infectious Disease Ecology/1/11
 BIO311: Practicum in Biology/1/9
 BIO390: Biology Seminar/1/9
 BIO391: Research in Biology /3/8
 BIO390: Biodiversity/1/7
 BIO390: Community Ecology/1/7
 BIO390: Conservation Biology/2/7
 BIOL358: Field Techniques in Wetlands /1/6
 BIO390: Restoration Ecology/1/5
 BIO390: Wetland Ecology/1/5
 BIO383 Interdisc Sem Environ Steward/1/1
 BIO390: Herbarium Curation/1/1

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